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 Prof. Onwuliri denies Allegation For Ordering solders to attack Imo Government House
·        Says is a plot to tarnish good image of President Jonathan


The Minister of State for Education, professor Viola Onwuliri has denied the allegation from the State Government of Imo State that she ordered military to block the Government House, saying that such allegation was meant to tannish the good image of her boss, president Goodluck Jonathan and herself.

Professor Owuliri made this known at the Sam Mbakwe Cargo International Airport Imo state on her way back from Abuja yesterday.

Recently, the Imo state Government House main gate was barricaded with soldiers and armoured personnel carrier (APC) following a protest by Imo widows who were on a solidarity protest to their leader, Professor Viola Onwuliri.

Both Governor Rochas Okorocha and Minister of state for Education Prof. Viola Onwuliri who were out of the state when the incident happened denied involvement in the chaos that left many wounded including NTA cameraman, and nearly disrupt peaceful movement of people in the capital city of Owerri. Okorocha said the protesting widows were imported from neighbouring state of Abia State to cause Mayhem in the State.

According to Professor Onwuliri, “the entire allegation peddled against me and the widows are all lies. Ofcourse you know is not true am I Inspector General of police or Army commander to ordered soldiers. That is to show you the level of deceit we have in the state. How can a Government full of lies lead?”

“Those widows are not PDP women; they are innocent women of Imo State. And you know to attack a widow is evil against God and humanity. And for someone to use their son to attack their Mothers is even worse thing anybody can do. The International Communities is now taking note of that”.

Professor Viola Onwuliri also visit Motherless babies home to donate food items and other materials from President Goodluck Jonathan and the wife Dame Patience Jonathan which the matron of the home, Lady Cecilia Okere expressed appreciation to Mr. President and the wife.

Professor Onwuliri who was the Deputy Governorship candidate of PDP in 2011 election insist that Imo State needs a change, hence she urge the electorate to support Mr. President who she said had done well in transforming Nigeria in the past four years.  

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